RLB's Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame

The RLB's Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame was established in 2009 to honor participants for years spent in the festival who show extraordinary enthusiasm during and outside of the event. This award was created in honor and memory of Roger Bultman and RLB Kennels. Mr Bultman was Captain for Team RLB Rooster Raiders in the early Ringneck Festival years. His enthusiasm, support, and love for the Festival encouraged many teams to participate. Some still come each year, including his own RLB Rooster Raiders. In his honor, RLB Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame was set up to recognize participants who have given tremendously through event history physically, spiritually, financially, or any other worthy form. Inductees include individual hunters, teams, landowners, scorekeepers, committee members, sponsors, and volunteers. Anyone can submit a nominee. Nominees should possess a tremendous passion for the Ringneck Festival, hunting, and outdoors in general. They should exhibit support and enthusiasm for the event from participating, recruiting, and genuinely enjoying the Ringneck Festival experience. The RLB's Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame will carry on the spirit of this event as each inductee is recognized for their assistance in making the Ringneck Festival what it is today and what it will be for the future.

RLB's Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame Nomination Form

2023 Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame Inductee

Rory & Renae Burke - Landowner

Rory & Renae have graciously given their land for the use of the festival almost as long as they have been married, well 3 years shy of their 24 years of marriage. From this marriage they had 4 children who have been awared the Ringneck Festival Scholarship over the years. Supporting the Ringneck Festival for 21 years has allowed for this event to continue and to grow to what it is today. 

Past Inductees:

2009-Roger Bultman-Team Member

2009-Dr. E.W. Carr-Landowner

2009-Rich Langbehn-Landowner

2009-Jack Link-Team Member/Sponsor

2010-Questionable Characters-Team

2010-Bob Strassman-Team Member

2011-Tom "TG" Westphal-Scorekeeper

2012-Danny Hofer-Landowner

2012-Kent Shelton-Committee Chair/Team Member/Sponsor

2013-Tim Kasinger-Team Member/Sponsor

2014-Steve Besch-Committee Member

2014-Pinnacle Ground Pounders-Team

2015-Team Cutt 'Em-Team

2015-Peggy Besch-Committee Member/Past Chamber & Visitors Bureau CEO and Director

2016-Hawkeye Hunters-Team

2016-Joel Horn-Scorekeeper

2017-DJ, Chisum, and Payton Hofer-Landowner

2017-Greg and Bobbie Ward-Landowner

2017-John Farrell-Scorekeeper

2018-JJ and Kelly Burke-Landowner

2018-Ben Meyer-Auctioneer/Volunteer

2019-Prostrollo Motor Sales-Sponsor

2019-Ernest Baruth and Sons-Landowner

2020 - No Event

2021 - Mike Carroll - Scorekeeper

2021 Jim Hein - Scorekeeper

2022 - Greg Gruntmeir - Landowner

2022 - Plainsman - Sponsor