Ringneck Festival Competition Hunt

October 31-November 2, 2024

The Ringneck Festival Competition Hunt consists of six member teams, attempting to bring back 18 pheasants. Each member is allowed four shells. Limiting the number of shells helps ensure that hunters will take clean shots, reducing the number of injured birds. Each team may have up to two dogs in the field at one time. Two non-partisan scorekeepers randomly drawn will document the hunt for each team. Land is provided for each team to hunt and drawn randomly by landowners. The hunt begins at 10am and ends at 4pm or when all 24 shells have been used or 18 birds have been harvested. Team captains and scorekeepers must accompany the birds to officially record count and weight. Entry fee is $1800 per team ($300 per hunter) which includes meals, hunt, entertainment, and prizes!

Awards are given to the First, Second, and Third Place Teams and Landowners.

Awards include shotguns for each hunter and gift cards. 

2019 First Place - Hawkeye Hunters

Application deadline is August 30, 2024. Teams will be selected and notified by September 18, 2024. Get your application in early - Only 30 teams accepted!


2024 Ringneck Festival Competition Hunt Rules and Application

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