The Huron area is a great place to spend a few days or weeks enjoying the great outdoors, chasing bird dogs, and hunting the beautiful Ringneck pheasants. The people of Huron are always helpful and welcome people to their beautiful city. I have been hunting the area for many years and have most recently really enjoyed the Ringneck Festival. What a great event to bring so many enthusiastic upland hunters together. It is definitely on my calendar as a "Must Do" event.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones
Cable, Wisconsin

I've pheasant hunted all my life and have been coming to Huron for over 10 years to hunt. We drive 1,500 miles from Seattle to Huron. Huron, SD probably has some of the best wild pheasant hunting in the world. The people in Huron are friendly, generous, and we have made lifelong friends. The camaraderie and goodwill during the pheasant festival is amazing and is indicative of the people of Huron.
Gianni with Bird
Gianni Morella
Seattle, Washington

Our trip to Huron has become an annual event that the three of us look forward to year in and year out. Coming from Minnesota where the hunt is not always so successful, it’s exciting to hunt such prosperous habitats.

Robinson Brothers
Apple Valley, Minnesota

I spent a great October week in Huron, SD and was completely in awe by the sheer number of pheasants. The birds are thriving in this habitat, which makes for a very rewarding hunt.

Neil Timmerman
Camden, New Jersey