Welcome to Ringneck Nation! Some of the best pheasant hunting in the nation can be found here. You’ll find acres of prime hunting ground, pet-friendly hotels and plenty of elbow room. In Ringneck Nation the pheasants outnumber the people and the odds are in your favor. We are the heart of Ringneck Nation. We are Huron, South Dakota and we welcome you to hunt with us this season!

Ringneck Festival

Every November teams from across the country meet in Huron for the Ringneck Festival. The Competitive Hunt consists of 6 member teams competing to bring back 18 pheasants, with just 24 shells per team. Man's best friend also competes in the Bird Dog Challenge, which tests the skills of both hunters and their dogs to retrieve the maximum amount of pheasants with 5 shells and 15 minutes.

Ringneck Festival Information and Registration

Ringneck Tagged Pheasant Release

100 Ringneck Pheasant Birds will be released on public hunting ground surrounding Huron on October 20, 2023.

 Each band harvested can be brought into the Huron Chamber or Iverson Auto in Huron. Hunter will receive a prize per band and a chance to win $60,000 toward a new Dodge Ram or Ford F150 of your choice.

 Contest will run October 21 through January 31, 2024. Drawing will be held Monday, February 5th.

Why Hunt Huron?

More pheasants than people! Huron is famous for its high bird population, boasting over 200 birds per square mile. Centrally-located and easy to get to, hunters visiting the Huron area have access to over 124,652 acres of public hunting land within a 60 mile radius. Plus, the hometown hospitality and affordability you’ll find in Huron make it the premier hunting destination in the Midwest.

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